Foundations of Svaroopa® Yoga

Welcome to the beginning of a wonderful journey. Whether you are a new yogi, an experienced Svaroopi or a teacher from another yoga style, this course will give you a deep experience and the information you need to practice Svaroopa® yoga effectively on your own, as well as to share it with others. You will learn how to get the most benefit from your practice with refined techniques as well as a clear understanding of how it works.

“Exceeded my expectations. Loved the feeling of yoga community and the respect everyone had for the practice. Amazed at the details of the practice and found the intro to philosophy fascinating.”

Even if you don’t want to teach, you learn how to design classes or your own yoga practice session for the most benefit in the shortest time.  And you’ll know how to help others with customized alignments and props for them to get maximum results with minimum effort. During the course, your knowledge of each pose builds day by day, pose by pose, especially while working in partner-pairs to give and receive coaching and adjustments in every pose.

Yogic Interweaving

Experience our multidimensional approach, encompassing all of yoga’s practices, including poses and more. Everything we teach is based in the ancient teachings, which focus on discovering the Divine reality hidden within you, blossoming into everyday life. As you deepen the openings in your body, you recognize the infinity within this finite world, find the cosmic in the mundane and the sacred within your daily life.

Foundations as Your First Step toward Teacher Training

Foundations is the prerequisite course for our Teacher Training program and prepares you to teach introductory classes to beginning students. Learn the most important poses of Svaroopa® yoga, the Primary Spinal Openers, which are used at all levels of practice from introductory through advanced classes.

You’ll learn how to design your classes and help students with alignments and props so they get maximum results with minimum effort. Your knowledge of each pose develops fully in your experience of it, while working in partner-pairs as you give and receive coaching and adjustments in every pose.

Anatomy and Yoga Philosophy

Transform your understanding of how the human body works by learning the foundational principles of Svaroopa® yoga anatomy, which will clarify the profound new openings you are experiencing in your body. Discover the breadth and beauty of yoga’s ancient teachings in the key sutras of Svaroopa® yoga. The sutras provide new meaning to the poses and anatomy, as well as providing a map of the future that yoga promises you — to know yourself as Consciousness-Itself.

“I came not knowing what to expect – but simply wanting to know, understand, and feel the effects of Svaroopa® yoga in a more complete way. This course did that for me…and SO much MORE!”

Become a CSIT and Teach Introductory Classes

Following successful completion of Foundations, you are qualified to become a Certified Svaroopa® Yoga Introductory Teacher (CSIT) by joining SATYA (Svaroopa® Association of Teachers & Yogis.

Upcoming Programs

April 5 – 9, 2017

Canonicus Conference Center in Exeter, Rhode Island

Trainers: Bhakta (Leslie) Johnson and Uma (Margo) Gebraski

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