Svaroopa Yoga: What’s it All About

Svaroopa pose in yoga studio near Naperville, IL.

Sweet Meditation in Seated Sukhasana Pose.

Svaroopa (pronounced “svah-roo-pah”) is a healing style of yoga that uses a variety of unique poses to create a deep release of tension throughout the body. The experience of a significant reduction of tension, leaves the body feeling flexible, supple and rejuvenated. Using props to support the body in a well aligned pose allows for optimal release. From the first pose of every class, shavasana with total body awareness, the tightest areas of the body begin to release, these soothing effects can be felt everywhere. This release of tension encourages healing, stress reduction and profoundly deep changes creating an inner experience of bliss. The individualized attention to each students alignment makes Svaroopa® yoga adaptable to any body, all ages and physical levels. While other styles of yoga use spinal tightening to be in poses this yoga uses spinal release while leaning into the skeletal system to support the body in all of the traditional yoga asanas or poses. This results in blissful poses while developing a strong and flexible body.

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Svaroopa pose.

The word svaroopa comes from the ancient yoga text, Patanjali’s Yoga Sutras which states, “Tadaa Drashtuh Svarupa Vasthaanum”, which translates to “the moment your mind becomes quiet you will abide in the bliss of your own true Self”. From the first shavasana (total body awareness) pose at the beginning of class throughout every pose, an emphasis is put upon awareness of the state of your body and mind. Quieting your mind toward bliss.

Svaroopa® yoga was developed by Swami Nirmalananda Saraswati (formerly known as Rama Berch), she teaches yoga according to the ancient tradition – as a direct path to svaroopa, the bliss of your own being. Her unique approach to working with the body emerged from a “cosmic download,” an initiation which awakened MahaKundalini, moving her body into spontaneous yoga poses, and revealed to her the workings of the spine as a conduit of consciousness. This inner awakening continues to unfold, enlivening her understanding of both the body and of ancient texts and teachings.

Uma (Margo) Gebraski has over 16 years of experience teaching yoga, meditation and ayurveda.  Her journey with yoga began with a 200 hour certification with the Himalayan Institute in yoga and meditation.  In 2004 Uma began studying Svaroopa yoga and has over 1000 hours of training which qualifies her as an E-RYT, Experience Registered Yoga Teacher through Yoga Alliance.  Through Svaroopa Vidya Ashram she is a CSYT,

Svaroopa - well aligned lunge.

Using support to release the spine in a well aligned lunge.