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From Patient to a Patient Teacher   (FIBROMYALGIA)

By Wendy Hickey CSBT

In September, I went to the rheumatologist who has followed me since I was diagnosed with fibromyalgia (something like 12–13 years ago). He said that I don’t need to keep coming to see him, that I’m doing great things for myself, and that he doesn’t need to take my money anymore. AND he told me he is coming to take a yoga class so he can see who else might benefit from Svaroopa® yoga. I’m excited. Ganesh at work? Maybe he was leaving (or putting) those obstacles in place and teaching me patience.

Certainly, since 1994 when I first began to look for relief from unexplained pain, I have had many lessons in patience. Even for several years before that, I had felt terrible. Cyclically, with the change of seasons, myriad symptoms took over my life for seven to eight weeks at a time: extreme fatigue; aching through every inch of my body; the feeling of swelling in my joints; and pain, not just in my joints, but in my bones. At the end of winter, for example, I might feel better for a week or so, and then the beginning of spring would trigger the agony all over again. Spring was the worst time of year. With the barometric pressure changes, rain one day, sun and cold the next, my body did not know how to adjust, and just hurt all of the time. As a public school speech therapist with my own children to care for as well, I felt as though an avalanche of pain and fatigue was burying me at the foot of a mountain, just when I needed health and energy most, during the end of school “crunch time.”     (Read More About It)

Healing from Stress      (STRESS)

By Linda H.

“I was disabled from stress after going through an intense year of finishing my Masters in Social Work with two evening classes a week and a 24 hour internship on weekends working at an in-patient Hospice unit – all while I was Director for a Human Service Agency for 40+ hours. Despite massage, chiropractic, and acupuncture interventions monthly, every old injury such as tennis elbow, knee issues, and mental burnout prevailed by completion in May. A friend offered me a weekend 3-day Yoga Retreat to help me relax – and I found Svaroopa® yoga!! Many of my stress injuries disappeared after one blissful weekend and restored a sense of calmness that allowed me to function again in the world. I signed up immediately for weekly classes and continued healing. (Read More About It)

A Picture Is Worth a Thousand Words (Bone Density)
By Ekamati (Diane) Tsurutani, Tadaa!

For more than 15 years I have known that I have low bone density, so I have had bone density scans done regularly annually or biannually, and with the same doctor, since 1998. Over that time, even with changes in diet, supplements, etc., my bone density remained mostly steady, with only a tiny increase (usually less than .5%).

But last week it became apparent that things had changed. I had another scheduled scan done. It showed increases in all scanned areas, and (no surprise) the spine showed the greatest increase in density — by 7.4% since 2010!

A review of my previous scans shows that the spine’s density has increased overall 10.3% since 2008. That puts the density of the spine in the normal range (which is based on the bone density of a 35-year-old person).

Not coincidentally, 2008 is the year I began Svaroopa® Yoga Teacher Training with YTT Level 1. I know the doctors can’t figure it out. But, as we all know, “this stuff works,” especially when you “do more yoga”!

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