Ayurveda© Classes

The Tastes of Ayurveda

Ayurveda, which literally means, “knowledge of life and longevity” is India’s science of natural health care.  Wise Earth Ayurveda© is an experiential approach to the teachings of India’s wholistic health system.  You will experience the tastes, smells and energy of the food along with easy tips to make them a part of your daily life and sadhanas (practices) of healthy living.  Past knowledge or experience is not necessary just a desire to have fun and an open heart and mind for learning a new approach to your health.

“Margo and Amy provided an educational, yet relaxed approach to the world of Ayurveda. The food, the understanding of the impact of our food, and the ability to be hands on with the experience was unique and memorable.” Nicki A.

 Hands on

Ayurveda Dinner

A Meal Station with all Organic ingredients and easy to follow directions. Your Ayurveda Specialists on hand to teach you how to cook in an Ayurvedically Conscious manner.

Learn the basics of Ayurveda cooking while enjoying the company of friends.                   This hands on cooking class based on the Winter Season will teach you about eating based on your Dosha, the current season and the six tastes.

A cooking experience you will always cherish.  Learning about the ancient art of mindfulness and energetics of your nutrition.  Laughing in the heart of the home, your kitchen.  An experience that will change the way you look at food and your health.

$60 per person         $100 for 2

to Register contact Margo 630-609-8215

Host an Ayurveda Experience at your Home.

Let us bring the experience to your friends and family.  Set your table and provide drinks and appetizers and the rest is up to us.  We’ll bring in all of the cooking utensils, pots/pans etc and the food for an entire meal through dessert. The meal will be seasonally based and your guests will go home with their own cookbook as a souvenir.  Or, we can design special gift bags for your guests to remember their phenomenal evening.

Set your table and we’ll do all the rest! Schedule an Ayurveda Dinner for your friends and family.

Contact Margo for pricing and scheduling.  mgebraski@yahoo.com 630-609-821

The Beauty of Healthy Food.